12 Best Session Replay Software For Product Management In 2023

12 Best Session Replay Software In 2023 – Creating an excellent website experience is essential if your business sells products online — even more so if your business is a digital product or service. Poor user experiences or frustrating customer journeys can harm your conversion rate and revenue. Session replay software is an invaluable tool that can help you identify issues that are causing challenges to your site or web app. With these valuable insights, you can create a better digital experience that leads to improved customer satisfaction and retention.

I’ve researched some of the top session replay software available, and outlined my findings below. Hopefully my overviews will lead you to the best software for your needs!

What is Session Replay Software?

Session replay software is a tool that records user sessions on your website or web app, that you can then replay. It’s used by design and development teams to gather insights into user interactions on their digital product. Marketing teams and customer support teams may also use it to track how people interact with your company’s marketing collateral, help desk, or knowledge base. The software can track and store user actions like mouse movements, clicks, scrolls, and keyboard strokes. The data is then stored and can be replayed as a video or a series of screenshots.

1. UXtweak

session replay tools: UXtweak

A great session replay tool, which allows you to track a user’s interactions with your web page in a simple intuitive manner. The biggest advantage of the UXtweak session recording tool is its SmartSearch filters.

One of the challenges UXers face with session replays is that it’s extremely difficult and time-consuming to watch all the sessions and analyze a large number of visitors. UXtweak allows you to filter out sessions that are, for example: from the USA, browsing from mobile, clicking a specific button, etc.

Aside from session replay tool, UXtweak offers other features to improve your web’s UX and customer experience, as an all-in-one UX research tool. The customer support teams are also always happy to assist you with anything.


  • Activity tracking
  • SmartSearch (session recordings filtering) with over 40 filters
  • Heatmap analysis with scroll depth and page speed metrics
  • Detailed user profile
  • You can skip inactivity, take notes, adjust playback speed or share the recording with a secret URL
  • Easy 3-clicks implementation with Google Tag Manager


A free plan is available with no time limitations.

Plus plan starts at $80/month, and the Pro plan is $144/month (billed annually). You can get a custom quote for an enterprise-level solution.

2. Hotjar

session replay tool: hotjar

One of the giants on the market, which makes this session replay platform quite pricey. Hotjar offers classical session replay tools that will help you identify issues on the spot. They have a pretty nice user interface, though analytics could be a little bit more advanced. Hotjar also allows you to voice record the testers and add notes at a specific time in the video, and offers also user feedback tools.

You can also share the video with other project stakeholders to get their feedback. The individual user sessions are then automatically converted into an srt file, which can be used for further analysis or as input for screencasting tools.


  • Autoplay
  • Voice recordings
  • Filters
  • Quick installation
  • Heatmap analysis


A free plan is available.

Prices range from $39/month (max 100 user sessions) to $827/month, depending on the number of user sessions. A custom solutions is available upon request.

3. Smartlook


Smartlook helps with recording and analyzing your user’s behavior from a website or a mobile app. They offer advanced heatmap analytics and an always-on recording feature, which means they record every single user session on your web.

Smartlook is a great tool with advanced analytics, however, some of the users claim scroll recordings to be of low quality and not very informative, so keep that in mind. Another thing to keep in mind, relevant session recordings will need to be filtered out because of the always-on feature.


  • Easy installation and nice UI
  • Heatmap analysis
  • Deep analytics with funnels
  • Always-on recording
  • Filters


A free plan is available.

Pro plan is €55 and for a custom solution, you need to contact them.

4. Fullstory

Session recording tool: Fullstory

Fullstory is another great session recording tool to get to know your users better. Session replay is the only thing they offer, which means that analytics are quite deep towards this feature. However, you might wanna consider some other platforms if you want it to include such things as heatmap analysis, mouse movements path analysis etc.


  • Advanced session replay analytics
  • Indexing frustration signals: Rage Clicks, Error Clicks, Trashing Cursor
  • All-users recording
  • URL and event-based funnel setup


A free plan and a free trial are available.

Pricing is only available upon request. It starts around $300/month and goes higher, according to the number of session recordings and admin seats.

5. Crazy Egg


A user-friendly platform designed to help website owners optimize their UX and collect session replays. It shows all the actions visitors take on your site, just like the other session recording software. It has a pleasant UI, the analytics, however, are not so deep. Crazy Egg also does not offer a free plan, but they have an A/B testing tool you can use in addition to session replay.


  • Heatmap analysis
  • Tagging
  • Filters
  • Ability to save favourites


There is no free plan, but a free trial is available.

Paid plans range from $29/month to $249/month. An enterprise solution is available upon request.

6. Mouseflow


One of the oldies on the market. Designed primarily for marketing teams, Mouseflow is another great software for session replays and user behaviour research. The only disadvantage of Mouseflow is, that every page a visitor views is shown in a separate video file. So not only do you have video recordings for individual users, but also individual pageviews – this may be a little time-consuming to analyze.


  • Filters and segments
  • 6 types of heatmaps
  • Funnels
  • Heatmap analysis
  • Easy installation


A free plan is available.

Paid plans range from $31/month to $399/month.

7. VWO


VWO is a little bit more pricey choice that allows you to follow visitors’ interactions with your website and gain more insights on user behavior. It captures everything including the bugs, errors and confusing moments on the way.

Some users claim VWO to not be very intuitive, so it might not the best choice for a beginner. Other than that it’s a great platform for getting insights on your UX.


  • Custom tagging
  • Filters
  • Visitor segmentation
  • You can add observations and time-stamps


A free plan is offered. Paid solution range from €330 – €1,329/month.

8. LogRocket

session replay software: logrocket

LogRocket’s modern session replay and monitoring technology provides engineering, product and marketing teams with in-depth insights to how a person interacts with their product and perspective on how to optimize each and every user session. LogRocket is simple to set up and use. They also provide a number of integrations that make it simple to use with existing software.


  • Exclusion of sensitive data
  • No performance impact
  • Components/Shadow DOM
  • Filters and search


A free plan is available.

Prices start at $99/month. The Professional Plan is $550/month.

9. Dynatrace

session replay software: dynatrace

Dynatrace is an all-in-one platform with a session recording tool designed to ensure that your product works flawlessly. This platform combines user behaviour observability, consistent runtime application security, and advanced AIOps. It offers solutions to restructure and automate cloud processes, deliver software more quickly and securely, and optimize the digital experience of your product with the help of user behavior analysis.


  • Issue Tracking
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Dashboards and Visualizations
  • API Monitoring


A free trial is offered.

Prices range from $11/ per month (a limited solution).

10. Plerdy

session replay software: plerdy

Plerdy is a useful session replay tool for monitoring and identifying oddities in user behavior on your website. Discover the precise user interaction that visitors have to go through in order to reach their destination (for example: searching for a specific service). The documented session replay data aids in website troubleshooting, improving UX design and conversion rate.


  • Click Tracking
  • Mouse Movement
  • Frustration Tracking
  • Monitoring


A free trial of Plerdy is available.

Prices range from $32/ month.

11. Lucky Orange

session replay software

Lucky Orange is another great session replay tool. It can assist you in determining why your website receives traffic that does not result in sales or leads. A lot of websites around the world have relied on their conversion rate optimization tools to obtain insight into what visitors are doing on their webpage.


  • Segmentation
  • Dynamic Heatmaps
  • Conversion Funnels
  • Form Analytics


A free trial is available.

Prices range from $18/month – $128/month.

12. cux.io

session replay software

Another tool that specializes in session recordings. By pre-analyzing experiences and identifying behavioral patterns, CUX enables you to convert frustrated users into happy users. They combine session replay with heatmaps and analytics tools for e-commerce and user behavior.


  • Customer Data Analysis
  • Goal-Oriented
  • Target Analysis
  • Heatmaps


A free trial is available.

Prices range from $79/ per month.

Why use session replay software?

Being one of the best user analysis tools, session replay software truly deserves the hype it gets. With the help of DOM (Document Object Model) and capturing everything that occurs in it, session replay tools offer you an exact reproduction of all the user interactions with your web, including clicks, scrolls, mouse movements, and any other dynamic changes.

It allows you to observe and understand user behavior in a way traditional analytics tools don’t and see first-hand all user events and any potential website bugs.

Here are some questions a session replay tool can answer for you, regarding your user behavior:

  • How do users interact with your menu?
  • Are the CTAs attractive enough?
  • How long does it take for the website to load? Does everything work as it should?
  • Does it take users too long to complete a certain action?
  • How do users move around your page? Where do they get lost or confused?
  • Are all the important elements easy to find?
  • Are users clicking on static elements expecting them to be interactive?
  • Where does users’ attention rise, and where does it drop?

As you can see, these are essential questions for designing an effective and user-friendly website. Hopefully, one of the many session replay tools from our list will help you solve.

Session replay software is a game-changer

As you can see, there are a lot of platforms to choose from. So don’t hesitate and start the journey of improving your website right now with your favorite session replay tool. Everybody who uses session replay will tell you the same thing – it’s one of the most effective and insightful methods of user behavior analysis.

Be prepared! Implementing the results of session replay may lead to increased conversions and lowered abandonment rate!

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