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Dish TV DTH Recharge Plans List 2023 – Latest Pack and Offers

Dish TV Plans 2023 – Dish TV DTH Packages, Recharge Plans with Price and Channel List Dish TV has become one of the largest DTH service providers in the country. Check here dish tv cheapest plans list 2023 in kannada, tamil, telugu, malayalam including dish tv india pack, dish tv welcome pack, dish tv family pack, dish tv sports pack, dish tv titanium pack in dish tv recharge plans.

Dish TV is a well known brand in the field of DTH. Dish TV entered the DTH segment in 2003. Since then dish tv recharge plan has been popular for being affordable, user friendly and cheapest dish tv recharge.

Watching television on Dish TV is an immersive experience. The experience of watching live television becomes even more unforgettable when you watch Dish TV’s HD channels. After increasing its popularity in the cities, Dish TV has also reached the villages.

dish tv recharge plan

Dish TV has also launched its high definition channels in regional languages. Tamil HD, Telugu HD, Kannada HD have been included in Dish TV combo packs. No matter where you live in the country, you can watch Dish TV in your favorite language.

1 month dish tv recharge plans

After the implementation of TRAI’s new rules, you will have to spend at least Rs 130 to watch Dish TV. By adding 18% GST to this, it becomes Rs 154. In this you get to see 100 TV channels. Cheapest (sabse sasta dth) DTH monthly pack Dish TV has made changes in recharge plans.

Dish TV has made dish tv combo pack to benefit its customers. You should choose whichever combo pack is right for you. Dish tv package wise dish tv online recharge list has been made which will help you to choose the best dish tv plan.

Dish tv recharge plan 1 Month

Dish TV Package ListDurationPrice
Dish tv Classic Hindi30 Daysरु170
Dish tv Bharat Prime pack30 Daysरु200
Dish tv Swagat pack30 Daysरु247
Dish tv Swagat pack HD30 Daysरु307
Dish tv Hindi Premium pack30 Daysरु276
Dish tv Hindi Prime pack HD30 Daysरु331
Dish tv Hindi Prime Cricket HD30 Daysरु357
Dish tv Super Family pack30 Daysरु299
Dish tv Super Family pack HD30 Daysरु370
Dish tv Family Saver pack HD30 Daysरु372
Dish tv Maxi Sports pack30 Daysरु330
Dish tv Maxi Sports pack HD30 Daysरु435
Dish tv Super Sports pack30 Daysरु387
Dish tv Super Sports pack HD30 Daysरु481
Dish tv Titanium pack30 Daysरु427
Dish tv Titanium pack HD30 Daysरु541
Dish tv recharge plan

Dish TV has made its cheapest (DTH Monthly Pack) according to regional and regional languages. You can choose Dish TV packs of the same area in which you live.

Dish TV DTH Recharge Plans
Dish TV Smrt Hub

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3 month dish tv recharge plans

You can recharge Dish TV for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. But when you do dish tv recharge, do not forget to take advantage of dish tv recharge offers.

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Dish TV keeps coming up with additional entertainment offers for its customers. The longer you recharge, the more you can take advantage of longer recharge. If you recharge your dish tv plan for three months then you will get 7 days extra.

Dish tv recharge plan 3 month 

Dish TV Package ListDurationPrice
Dish tv Classic Hindi90 Daysरु510
Dish tv Bharat Prime pack90 Daysरु600
Dish tv Swagat pack90 Daysरु741
Dish tv Swagat pack HD90 Daysरु921
Dish tv Hindi Premium pack90 Daysरु828
Dish tv Hindi Prime pack HD90 Daysरु993
Dish tv Hindi Prime Cricket HD90 Daysरु1071
Dish tv Super Family pack90 Daysरु897
Dish tv Super Family pack HD90 Daysरु1110
Dish tv Family Saver pack HD90 Daysरु1116
Dish tv Maxi Sports pack90 Daysरु990
Dish tv Maxi Sports pack HD90 Daysरु1305
Dish tv Super Sports pack90 Daysरु1161
Dish tv Super Sports pack HD90 Daysरु1443
Dish tv Titanium pack90 Daysरु1281
Dish tv Titanium pack HD90 Daysरु1623
Dish tv recharge plan 3 month

6 month dish tv recharge plans

If you recharge your Dish TV plan for 6 months, then Dish TV will give you 15 days free subscription. In this way you will get to watch more TV for 15 days.

This plan of Dish TV is very popular, mostly people like to recharge this plan.

Dish tv recharge plan 6 month

Dish TV Package ListDurationPrice
Dish tv Classic Hindi180 Daysरु1020
Dish tv Bharat Prime pack180 Daysरु1200
Dish tv Swagat pack180 Daysरु1482
Dish tv Swagat pack HD180 Daysरु1842
Dish tv Hindi Premium pack180 Daysरु1656
Dish tv Hindi Prime pack HD180 Daysरु1986
Dish tv Hindi Prime Cricket HD180 Daysरु2142
Dish tv Super Family pack180 Daysरु1794
Dish tv Super Family pack HD180 Daysरु2220
Dish tv Family Saver pack HD180 Daysरु2232
Dish tv Maxi Sports pack180 Daysरु1980
Dish tv Maxi Sports pack HD180 Daysरु2610
Dish tv Super Sports pack180 Daysरु2322
Dish tv Super Sports pack HD180 Daysरु2886
Dish tv Titanium pack180 Daysरु2562
Dish tv Titanium pack HD180 Daysरु3276
Dish tv recharge plan 6 month

12 month dish tv recharge plans

Some Dish TV users appreciate the Dish TV recharge offer for 12 months as they get tension free for 12 months with a single recharge.

If you recharge your Dish TV plan for 12 months (1 year), then Dish TV will give you 30 days free subscription. In this way you will get 30 days more TV viewing.

Dish tv recharge plan 12 month

Dish TV Package ListDuration Price
Dish tv Classic Hindi365 Daysरु2040
Dish tv Bharat Prime pack365 Daysरु2400
Dish tv Swagat pack365 Daysरु2964
Dish tv Swagat pack HD365 Daysरु3684
Dish tv Hindi Premium pack365 Daysरु3312
Dish tv Hindi Prime pack HD365 Daysरु3972
Dish tv Hindi Prime Cricket HD365 Daysरु4284
Dish tv Super Family pack365 Daysरु3588
Dish tv Super Family pack HD365 Daysरु4440
Dish tv Family Saver pack HD365 Daysरु4464
Dish tv Maxi Sports pack365 Daysरु3960
Dish tv Maxi Sports pack HD365 Daysरु5220
Dish tv Super Sports pack365 Daysरु4644
Dish tv Super Sports pack HD365 Daysरु5772
Dish tv Titanium pack365 Daysरु5124
Dish tv Titanium pack HD365 Daysरु6492
Dish tv recharge plan 12 month

What are the Dish TV regional recharge plans?

Dish TV Package ListDurationPrice
Raj Ka Apna Pack30 Days₹115
Raj Ka Apna Pack HD30 Days₹172
UP Ka Apna Pack30 Days₹152
UP Ka Apna Pack HD30 Days₹246
Garvi Gujarat Pack30 Days₹155
Garvi Gujarati Pack HD30 Days₹252
Raj Ka Apna Sports Pack30 Days₹158
Raj Ka Apna Sports Pack HD30 Days₹254
Punjab Swag Pack30 Days₹176
Punjab Swag Pack HD30 Days₹281

What are the Dish tv add on recharge plans?

Dish TV has created special category wise add on packages to provide wholesome entertainment to its users. If you are missing some channels in the current pack of your Dish TV, then you can include Dish tv add on packs in your current pack. For this you will have to pay some extra cost.

Dish TV Add On Package ListDurationPrice
Dish tv English Movies & News30 Days₹72
Dish tv English Movies & News HD30 Days₹101
Dish tv English Entertainment30 Days₹42
Dish tv English Entertainment HD30 Days₹62
Dish tv Kids30 Days₹27
Dish tv Kids HD30 Days₹23
Dish tv Infotainment & Lifestyle30 Days₹21
Dish tv Infotainment & Lifestyle HD30 Days₹42
Dish tv Hindi Entertainment30 Days₹113
Dish tv Hindi Entertainment HD30 Days₹133
Dish tv Hindi Movies & News30 Days₹67
Dish tv Hindi Movies & News HD30 Days₹80
Dish tv All Hindi30 Days₹144
Dish tv All Hindi HD30 Days₹197
Dish tv Top Scorer30 Days₹56
Dish tv Top Scorer HD30 Days₹72
Dish tv English Cricket30 Days₹42
Dish tv English Cricket HD30 Days₹57
Dish tv Hindi Cricket30 Days₹36
Dish tv Hindi Cricket HD30 Days₹36
Dish tv Bangla30 Days₹57
Dish tv Bangla HD30 Days₹71
Dish tv Marathi30 Days₹45
Dish tv Marathi HD30 Days₹70
Dish tv Odia30 Days₹41
Dish tv Punjabi30 Days₹0.41
Dish tv MP30 Days₹0.40
Dish tv UP30 Days₹0.10
Dish tv Gujarati30 Days₹6
Dish tv North East30 Days₹0.30
Dish tv Rajasthan30 Days₹0.10
Dish tv Maha Manoranjan30 Days₹18

Which are the Dish tv active service?

Category wise dish tv packages have been made in active service. Dish TV Active Pack has many types of active services like movies active, kids active, comedy active, fitness active, cooking active, bhakti active etc. which you can watch by subscribing with your dish tv current plan.

If your hobby is in movies and music then Movies Active, Hit Active, Cine Active, Music Active and Evergreen Active are the best services. If you want to keep your body fit, then you can practice yoga at home by watching Fitness Active. For this one should subscribe to dish tv fitness active service.

If you love to dance, then you can subscribe to Dance Active service of Dish TV. If you are fond of cooking, then you must subscribe to Dish TV’s Cooking Active. Dish TV has also created a special active service for kids. If you have kids at home, subscribe to Kids Active and Topper. Which makes it fun and exciting for kids to entertain and learn new things.

If you have elders in your house who believe in Bhakti, then subscribe to Bhakti and Ibadat Active Pack for them. Apart from this, Dish TV has come up with All in One Pack for Active Services which bundles multiple types of Active Services in a single pack.

You can subscribe to All in one active service by giving a missed call on 18003157652 from your registered mobile number. Dish TV Active Services with monthly price are given below.

Dish TV Package ListDurationPrice
Dish TV Jyotish Duniya30 Days₹40
Dish TV Ayushman Active30 Days₹40
Dish TV Comedy Active30 Days₹40
Dish TV Fitness Active30 Days₹40
Dish TV Topper Active30 Days₹59
Dish TV Thriller Active30 Days₹40
Dish TV Shorts TV Active30 Days₹59
Dish TV Korean Drama Active30 Days₹40
Dish TV Hit Active30 Days₹40
Dish TV Cine Active30 Days₹20
Dish TV Evergreen Active30 Days₹40
Dish TV Movie Active30 Days₹59
Dish TV Rangmanch Active30 Days₹75
Dish TV Dance Active30 Days₹40
Dish TV Music Active Hits30 Days₹40
Dish TV Music Active Masala30 Days₹40
Dish TV Cooking Active30 Days₹40
Dish TV Kids Active+Rhymes30 Days₹40
Dish TV Bhakti Active30 Days₹40
Dish TV Ibadat Active30 Days₹40
Dish TV Punjabi Active30 Days₹40
Dish TV Marathi Active30 Days₹40

Dish tv recharge offer 2023

Like other DTH companies, Dish DTH also offers various types of recharge offers to its customers. Dish TV recharge plans have always been the first choice of the customers. Dish TV has also introduced new offers keeping in mind the preferences of its customers. You too can take advantage of this.

Dish tv recharge offer for 3 months

You recharge your Dish TV plan for 3 months in one go. You will get 7 days of extra entertainment from Dish TV.

Dish tv recharge offer for 6 months

If you recharge your Dish TV for 6 months with a lump sum amount. So you will get 15 days free subscription from Dish TV.

Dish tv recharge offer for 12 months

If you recharge your Dish TV plan for 12 months with a lump sum amount. So you will get free subscription for 30 days.

Dish TV recharge offers will be applicable only if you don’t change your current pack for the entire period. So don’t change your Dish TV pack only then you can avail Dish TV recharge offer.

Current Some Offers

1. Paytm dish tv recharge offer:

If you do your Dish TV recharge through Paytm then you can get Rs.100/- Paytm cashback. For this, a minimum recharge of Rs.100/- will have to be done. This offer will be applicable under once per user and once per mobile number scheme. For this, use Paytm coupon code DISH50.

2. Mobikwik dish tv recharge offer:

Mobikwik also offers cashback offers on Dish TV recharge. If you recharge your dish tv recharge of at least Rs.200/- through mobikwik then you get Rs.55/- Mobikwik cashback. Dish tv existing customer gets 20% and maximum Rs.55/-. For this, use Mobikwik coupon code NDISH.

3. Amazon Pe dish tv recharge offer:

Recharge Dish TV of Rs 200 or more through Amazon Pay and get shopping vouchers worth Rs 600.

Dish TV DTH Recharge Plans List
Dish tv set top box

How to recharge Dish TV for free?

Dish TV is not free, but recharge has to be done to watch, but it does not cost money to watch DD TV channels on Dish TV. If you are a Dish TV subscriber then how to recharge your Dish TV for free. We are going to tell you such a method. With this your dish tv will be recharged for free.

Most of the people definitely open their savings account in one or the other bank. A debit card is also given at the time of opening an account in the bank. Some points are available free while using debit card, dth recharge can be done easily by redeeming these points.

While recharging dish tv, points are deducted from your bank account and instead your dish tv will be recharged.

Dish tv customer care

You are not able to understand which plan of Dish TV is perfect for you. Having trouble selecting the Dish TV recharge plan. Then you can talk to the support team on Dish TV customer care number.

Dish TV customer care will give you detailed information about each pack. Will help you to choose dish tv recharge packs and dish tv plans region wise and price wise.

Dish TV whatsapp number: 9953060680
Dish TV customer care number: 09501795017

You can get in touch with Dish TV customer care team any time free of cost by sending an SMS to Dish TV CALL ME 57575 from your registered mobile number. Due to all these services Dish DTH has become number one in India.

Dish TV packs and Dish TV plans are quite affordable and user friendly. Which you can choose according to your area and price. On Dish TV recharge plan, you can get 7 days free subscription on 3 months recharge, 15 days on 6 months recharge and 30 days on 12 months recharge.

FAQ about Dish TV Recharge Plans

Q1. How to reach DishTV customer care?
Ans. One can also contact Dish TV customer care in case of technical issue or if they are facing any issue regarding Dish TV recharge plan.

Call Toll-Free Number: 1800-258- 3474
SMS ‘call me’ to 57575 from registered mobile number

Drop them an e-mail at [email protected]
Register your complaint on the official portal https://www.dishtv.in/Pages/ContactUs/Contact-Info.aspx

Q2. What channels are included in the Dish TV plan for sports?
Ans. Dish TV plans for all sports channels are available from INR 330 per month. In addition to normal channels, sports channels include:
star sports first
star sports 2
star sports 1
star sports 1
hindi sony six
sony espn
DD Sports

Q3. How much does Dish TV cost per month?
Ans. Depending on the channel package, you can get a Dish TV subscription starting from Rs.8- Rs.100 per month as well.

Q4. How do I recharge my Dish TV plan?
Ans. You have multiple ways to recharge your Dish TV plan, you can do it online by credit card, electronic transfer, cash to the dealer, check and other simple methods. You can also use wallets and apps to make payments.

Q5. Can I take my Dish TV set-top box with me when I shift my city?
Ans. Yes you can take the equipment with you when you shift and for installation assistance you can call them on their customer care number: 1860-258-3474

Q6. What are the Dish TV plans as per TRAI guidelines?
Ans. Dish TV’s plans have been revised by the DTH operator as per the new TRAI guidelines that mandate “freedom of choice” to consumers, giving them “direct control” over their monthly entertainment.

Q7. What is DishFlix?
Ans. DishFlix is a recent service launched by Dish TV which is a video-on-demand service for movies. You get 50 movies every month, be it Bollywood or Hollywood, to watch, pause, rewind without any buffering.

Q8.Can I make channels as per my requirements?
Ans. Yes, if you want to create your own channel bouquet, you can do that too. You can choose the channels and pay as per the applicable price for those channels.

Q9. How can I watch Ramayan and Mahabharat on Dish TV?
Ans. DD National is telecasting epic TV serials Ramayan and Mahabharat to keep the viewers engaged during the lockdown. If you also want to subscribe to DD National, just call Dish TV customer care and ask them to add the channel to your list.

DD National is free of cost channel so you don’t need to pay anything to subscribe it.

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