Replacing Ezra Miller With Grant Gustin In ‘The Flash’ Is Too Weird To Work

Yesterday, Rolling Stone reported that in an emergency meeting about Ezra Miller, Warner Bros.

After news of this meeting about Miller got out, fans started debating the future of The Flash.

The actor who has played the Flash on the CW across eight seasons and 150+ episodes since 2014.

If "Spider-Man: No Way Home" proves anything, it's that different iterations of the same superhero can come together in one movie.

The actor is best known for playing Flash in the DCEU, a role he first played in Justice League (2017)

Miller also stars in the upcoming "Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore."

His recent behavior led to the decision to put all projects on hold, including the upcoming high profile Flash film.

Fans are rallying to say Gustin deserves a chance to shine on the big screen with a real, non-CW budget.

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