Ghani Movie Review: Varun Tej Shows Off His Power In The Ring.

A kid gets bullied by his schoolmates because of his father's deeds.

we see his worried mother, Nadia walking swiftly towards a crowd and pulling it apart.

She finds her child half-naked and crouched down, and everyone pointing at her shouts at her and chants Cheater, Cheater.

In the first 15 minutes itself, we come to know that Ghani wants to win the medal in the nationals and struggles hard for it.

The first half showcases how Ghani turns into a boxer hiding it from his mother (Nadiya).

Ghani He had promised his mother to stay away from this game as his father was proved cheated in the same game.

Even his infatuation with the lead actress Saiee Manjrekar adds some romance to the movie.

He is also seen facing troubles with another boxer Aadi (Naveen Chandra) who is a rich brat. 

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