Top 10 Best Online Games In The World.

By: Ravi Ranjan

April 30, 2023

A game with a battle royale element where players compete to live as long as possible while constructing structures and gathering resources.


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A multiplayer online combat arena game where teams of five players select a champion to face off against other players.

League of Legends

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A sandbox game that lets players create and explore their block-based virtual environments.


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A social deduction game in which participants cooperate to accomplish missions on a spaceship while attempting to spot and remove impostors from their crew.

Among Us

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Players in the battle royale game Warzone competes to be the last person remaining in a made-up city while using weapons and vehicles to their advantage.

Call of Duty

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A massively multiplayer online role-playing game in which players construct their characters and journey through a fantastical world full of missions and difficulties.

World of Warcraft

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A three-person squad battle royale game where players try to outlast and defeat their rivals by using their unique skills.

Apex Legends

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A platform that allows users to enjoy and make their games while also interacting with others online.


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A one-person shooter game where players join a team of terrorists or counter-terrorists to complete objectives and eliminate the other team.


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A collectable card game where players construct decks and engage in competitive strategic combat within the Warcraft world.


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